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As many non-academic urologists do not get to attend the annual AUA or many of the other society meetings for various reasons, the Indian Urologists in clinical practice in the United States wanted to meet outside of the AUA for a social gathering and CME in an economical family oriented vacation place.  We used to have IAUA fall and spring retreats during past years.  This was for the board and other members to meet between the annual AUA meetings and raise some funds for the IAUA separate from the annual meeting.  However these have been discontinued in recent years.  In addition, pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to sponsor additional meeting by the same organizations.  This was evident when we had organized a CME program under the IAUA umbrella in Orlando two years ago, and due declining pharma support and high overhead costs that was mainly administrative, we came up with a loss to the IAUA.

At the next IAUA board meeting it was rightly decided that IAUA would not sponsor any such meetings and we were told to do such fund-raising meetings separate from the IAUA.   Dr. Narayan had informed us during the same meeting that we would try another attempt to raise some funds, ensuring that this time we keep a close watch on our overhead expenses and we would indeed make sure we did not involve the IAUA, as was decided in that meeting.

Dr. Chakrabarty came across a grant that had to be used for a meeting in the fall.  This jump started our efforts in earnest to get a CME meeting together in Orlando.   Dr. Chakrabarty informed the IAUA board members present at the August teleconference about this planned meeting that was followed by an official letter from Dr. Narayan to the Dr. Nehra, president of the IAUA for informational purposes and as an invitation to the upcoming conference.

To get the checks from our sponsors we had to have a name for the organization, a tax ID and a bank account.  During the first teleconference of our group it was suggested by Dr. Shroff to name the organization Indian American Urological Foundation but Dr. Ajrawat advised us against using that name and he and all others present at that meeting approved the suggestion to name it Indian American Clinical Urologists and the organization was registered as the “Society of Indian American Clinical Urologists” (SIACU).    

We hired a part time secretary and webmaster to form an email list from the AUA directory and send emails out about this activity.  We formulated by-laws, applied for a non-profit organization status and got a fully functional website and logo, all within two to three weeks at a total cost of less than $3000.

We had our first CME conference (8 hours AMA Category 1 CME) on November 12, 2011 at Hilton Garden Inn at Orlando, Florida and it was a grand success.  We also had sponsored lunch and dinner speakers and the usual Banquet and Indian musical program.  There were a total of about 60 CME participants, comprising of mostly primary care doctors, and more than a 100 total attendees.  Among the attendees were three past presidents and one future president of the IAUA.

The goals of this society are to conduct CME activities that are directed primarily towards the primary care doctors and the practicing urologists.  Additionally, it will strive to raise some additional funds under a separate umbrella that, from time to time, might be used to augment the resources of the IAUA.
This society and its objectives have been supported by a wide base of active and senior IAUA members.   We plan to conduct such annual CME meetings during fall each year in family friendly vacation spots.